Drying and refining of cannabis: crucial steps for the quality of the product

SUMO Cannabis

At SUMO, nothing is left to chance in each step of production. From the rooting of the cannabis plant cuttings to the drying and refining, everything is done to offer a quality product that stands out on the market.

Once harvested, the cannabis is dried and refined. Just like aging a wine in a barrel to create a product with unique aromas, drying and refining techniques have a direct impact on the preservation of taste, smell and flavour. At SUMO, our research has shown that drying the plants upside down for several days, in an environment where the temperature and the humidity percentage are stable and controlled allows the terpenes to keep the unique taste of each variety of plant.

After this crucial step, the plants are either hand trimmed by the SUMO team or mechanically, depending on the purpose of the end product.

Another step that makes the cannabis-based products created by SUMO’s team stand out is burping. After drying, the products are stored in containers where the amount of CO2, as well as the humidity level, are checked. The gas pressure is extracted from the containers in a controlled manner. Once again, this is what allows us to offer a quality product that stands out. SUMO’s drying and refining techniques do take more time, but the SUMO team believes that in order to offer a quality product, it is necessary to invest time and energy in each step!