Role of the Production Employee

SUMO Cannabis

The SUMO Cannabis team currently has five production employees. Their role is to assist in the proper execution of the requirements for each cannabis culture, with the goal of producing quality plants, consistently, with minimal waste and as efficiently as possible. They assist in the cultivation and harvesting of cannabis, as well as performing related tasks.

In a facility like SUMO Cannabis, keeping the premises clean is essential. This is why a large part of the tasks of the production employees is to ensure the cleanliness of the different production rooms and of all the installations at all times. They must also perform preventive maintenance on cultivation equipment and test instruments.

When it comes to the botanic aspect, production staff clones, transplants, maintains and harvests cannabis plants, and ensures effective trimming and leaf removal.

Of course, day laborers are required to follow specific instructions from production management and must carry out various protocols, including those related to pest control and sanitation of cultivation rooms and equipment.

As SUMO Cannabis strives for a quality product, it is obvious that all laws, regulations, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and company policies must be followed by employees.

For management, it is important that the work is done in a diligent manner. Therefore, day laborers are encouraged to promote and maintain the quality of production by performing all tasks with precision and thoroughness.

At SUMO Cannabis, we work as a family. It is all about having fun at work, but as the management says, “We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take what we do very seriously!” »


As for requirements, SUMO Cannabis is looking for people who have initiative, are flexible and have a strong sense of responsibility, as well as the ability to work well under pressure. Considering the tasks at hand, the day laborer must also be able to stay focused and perform repetitive tasks.

High attention to detail, the ability to follow strict operating procedures, manual dexterity and good motor coordination are also desirable in production employees.

In addition, they must also have great attention to detail and have good observational skills, as well as basic arithmetic skills for weighing, measuring, etc. There are also physical requirements: the ability to lift weights from 11 to 22 pounds, kneel, squat, stretch, stand and walk for long periods of time.

Qualifications and training

To work at SUMO Cannabis, a secondary school diploma, a diploma of vocational studies or equivalent is required. It is not necessary for a production employee to have any experience in the industry, but it can be considered an asset, just like knowledge related to cannabis.

Regardless of your background and experience, tailored on-the-job training is available. Since SUMO Cannabis is a small-scale cultivation facility, the complete cultivation cycle is part of the training (cloning, transplanting, maintenance, harvesting, drying and sanitation).

At this stage, the production employee will be required to participate in all production-related tasks. However, over time, the teams will become more specialized and the day laborers will be asked to perform more specific tasks, depending on their skills, abilities and interests.

SUMO Cannabis’ management estimates that in the coming months the number of production employees will increase from 5 to 10. Almost 15 day laborers will be needed to keep operations running smoothly when the facility will be operating at full capacity.

Working at SUMO Cannabis means joining an enterprise that has the wind in its sails and is growing daily.

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