Five questions to Francis Descoteaux

SUMO Cannabis

It is now time to introduce Francis Descôteaux, assistant director and co-founder of SUMO Cannabis!

What does the SUMO Cannabis project mean to you?
The SUMO Cannabis project represents a lot on different levels. This project first reinforces the belief that good ideas, driven by the commitment of a united team, can go very far. The SUMO Cannabis project also represents the opportunity to participate in a historic movement in Canada and the opportunity to join in the creation of a new industry which, in my opinion, is essential. Cannabis is a fascinating plant, by its nature and its many uses, and I am proud to help bring it out of the shadow of repression.⁠

Tell us an unusual fact about you or your past career?
It may be surprising to learn that I am the son of a police officer who has spent much of his career in the RCMP. Members of the police force have always been trained to deal with the producers and sellers of illicit psychotropic drugs. The SUMO project was therefore, for my father, an exercise in welcoming, openness and flexibility of mind. ⁠

If you had to describe your role within SUMO in one word, it would be…?

If you could meet someone you know, anyone, who and why?
Difficult question, but I decided on a historical figure who doesn’t particularly fascinate me, but with whom I think I would have a good time: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I would like to present him with an incredibly long and varied musical library, on an MP3 player, and make him hear and discover different interpretations of his work as well as a wide variety of musical creations of all kinds, which were inspired by his passage on earth.⁠

If you had to eat just one food for the next month, what would it be and why?
Salad. I don’t have a particular passion for salad, but it’s the type of meal I can eat at different times of the day and it’s easy to make different variations. ⁠