What is aeroponics?

SUMO Cannabis

At SUMO, we are committed to ensure a high-quality cannabis product within our rigorous system. For its cannabis cultivation facility located in Trois-Rivières, SUMO has chosen aeroponics: a soilless culture where roots develop in the open air inside a spray chamber. All around the globe, aeroponics has proven itself as an efficient technique when applied to various types of crops, such as lettuce. Still relatively unknown in the cannabis production industry, aeroponics is an innovative and eco-friendly cultivation technique!

The advantages of using an aeroponics system include:

  • A soilless cultivation method reducing substrate costs;
  • Less energy, water, and nutrients utilized;
  • Decrease of the risk of pest and pathogen infestations;
  • Reduced man-hours on defoliation processes with shorter plants;
  • Reduced biomass allowing for improved humidity control.

Aeroponics consists of strategically misting the root zone with PH balanced water and measured nutrient solution(s). This improves the rate of root growth, improving the overall plant growth rate.

(More roots, more fruits!)

The master grower and research team continually work to ensure optimization of efficiency, consistency, and reliability through data analysis of our operations. We want to ensure you every batch is of quality, and every product put out, is a winner.

All around the world, aeroponics is used for a variety of applications, and has proved itself as an efficient technique when applied to a multitude of crops. At SUMO Cannabis, we are proud to contribute to the evolution of cannabis cultivation with such an innovative technique.