Five questions to Cynthia Lupien

SUMO Cannabis

We have a new arrival in our beautiful close-knit team! May we introduce the beautiful Cynthia Lupien, responsible for the quality assurance of our products.

What does the SUMO Cannabis project mean to you?
A gift from heaven! Working directly for entrepreneurs, real people, visionaries, enthusiasts, cultivated people, devoted people… To see them fulfill their great dream and to participate in it is a great privilege.

Tell us an unusual fact about you or your previous career?
Passionate and skilled in agri-food processing, I have handled all standards, from field to table, for 25 years … I never would have thought of becoming QAA (Quality Assurance Assistant) in cannabis and above all, that it would be so strict to produce legal cannabis.

If you had to describe your role within SUMO in one word, it would be…?

If you could meet a well-known person, anyone at all, who would it be and why?
Fred Pellerin, a local guy who earns his living through his talent, who shares it with everyone in all simplicity. We truly feel that we are having fun with him and that he values our heritage.

If you had to eat just one thing for the next month, what would it be and why?
Chicken! Lol! I’m already “tagged” for that at SUMO.